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  • 20150406 Blogpost

    Inspiration, motivation, or lack thereof

    In my musical, professional life, the first months of any given year have usually been slow. There are always things to do, of course, being self employed. Take care of the apartment, the gear, work on music. Write, create, cut videos that need cutting and …

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  • Dsc03654small

    what i just learned on the road

    Having had two marvellous weeks away, here is what I just learned on the road: Bring a good camera and leave your cell phone off more. Learn about said camera, and take it with you, anywhere. Be prepared for the music, so you can go …

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  • Discipline And Motivation

    discipline and motivation

    What is discipline, and what is motivation? Or rather, do we need discipline? I came to think of this recently. Discipline is wrong. Or seems at least highly overrated. Motivation is everything. And gets better results. If you get your goals in focus, you have …

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  • Blog Negotiating


    Negotiating. One of the hardest things that I am still learning about, is defining what I am worth. There is the artistic side in me, which clearly has the upper hand, as I see it. Then there is the professional side, which just sort of …

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