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for a while now i have wondered why no company (at least none i know of) offers a strainer unit that attaches to the bottom hoop of the drum.
i recently finished a prototype of how i would like to see snares NOT attached or connected to the shell:

the advantages i see are:
– change of bottom head becomes simple, because the snares are „one“ with the hoop itself, and come off with it.
– tuning the snare-side head up or down moves the snares up or down, proportionally.
– the shell has less drillings and less mass attached to it.

what do you guys think?


ps: well, what i had found whatsoever, is a really inventive craftsman close to my home town by the name of wahan (who also cuts the shells for my experiments for me!) THIS strainer by him kind of does it, but he uses hooks this thing into two tension screws on each side of the drum to attach it.
meaning it will come off and detached from the hoop once the screws are out.

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