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cymbal storage

well, once upon a time, i used to build bikes.
racebikes, to be exact.
last year, i sold my last one. cuz i did not use it ever.
you are right, sad story.

i got a new one. well, a used one. right away. thick tires, lotsa gears.
you know the deal.
and for the first time, i felt not only the need but also the justification to
attach a baggage porter to it.
so useful. yet so unthinkable in a racer.

yes, i am getting to the point in a bit.

i tried several models of baggage porters.
which then left me with un-used ones.

and since storing cymbals is kinda tough, cuz they are not supposed to lie flat,
and are actually not supposed to stand for a long time either,
i came up with this:

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set up

i just witnessed greatness at a show of „Garaj Mahal“ at the Messe. at Peter Coura’s guitar shop, to be exact.
drummer, err, musician extraordinaire Sean Rickman (link here as well), with
Kai Eckhardt

on  bass, joined by Torsten deWinkel on guitars.

uhm, to topic, yes:
Sean shared an interesting idea for a small footprint 4 piece setup, referring to a Pearl-type tom mounting system:
he places the rod for the smaller tom into the right bass drum clamp, pointing to the left.
and the rod for the „floor“-rack tom into the left clamp, pointing to the right.
but this one upside down, so the short end goes into the bass drum clamp, and the long part faces towards the tom.
interesting, eh?

as soon as i catch him doing this, i will post a pic here!

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bass drum muffling

i would like to learn if  there are drummers around who are interested in my latest one:
i have found a way to muffle both heads of a fully closed kick drum.
the change over from fully muffled to fully open sound takes about 3 seconds.

i can adjust the level of muffling for both heads. individually.
from the comfort of the drum seat.
with no holes in the heads, that is.
and nothing to see on the outside of the drum.
and no extra drillings anywhere.
so, if i ever want to remove the unit, the drum will be in the same condition
as it was before the installation.

two prototypes are working, and are being recorded with, in my 22 and my 18 inch wood bass drums already.
patent is pending.
as soon as i get the go, i will show pictures on here.

so people, drop me a line with possible pro’s and con’s towards that tool.

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