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no drums


being idle is a curious thing.
away from it all for almost 10 days now i realize
a) i need to be around music, musicians and, well yes, DRUMS!
b) my ears seem to sharpen. i hear rhythm in unlikely situations. weird but groovey patterns in watertanks, cooling fans, my own steps on the gravel up or downhill.
can’t wait to get back and free my sh*t up even more 🙂

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more drums travelling

addendum to the kit i made from acrylic shells, with pearl parts and bits (see right here):

this is what it looks like boxed up for travel.
the back pack contains only textiles for me to wear 🙂

oh, yes, hihat and three cyms 15-18″ are hiding in that snare case as well.

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cymbal storage

well, once upon a time, i used to build bikes.
racebikes, to be exact.
last year, i sold my last one. cuz i did not use it ever.
you are right, sad story.

i got a new one. well, a used one. right away. thick tires, lotsa gears.
you know the deal.
and for the first time, i felt not only the need but also the justification to
attach a baggage porter to it.
so useful. yet so unthinkable in a racer.

yes, i am getting to the point in a bit.

i tried several models of baggage porters.
which then left me with un-used ones.

and since storing cymbals is kinda tough, cuz they are not supposed to lie flat,
and are actually not supposed to stand for a long time either,
i came up with this:

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