Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2013’

  • Forget Regret

    forget regret

    Has it happened to you,¬†when you do not know someone really well, but you still feel empathetic about the person? As if you were able to see what they are driven by at the moment, for their good or their not so good? And then, …

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  • Handshake

    live and learn

    Sometimes we learn new things. The moment you notice that you understood something, that a piece of knowledge is actively yours, and you can readily use it to your or somebody else’s benefit is priceless. Sometimes we learn old things. Which deepens or broadens the …

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  • In Ear Box Both

    gear central – today: in ear monitoring

    I have asked myself this question, and answered it for myself a while ago. And because I get this question a lot from peers and fellows still, I want to answer it right here. I prefer in ear monitoring for several reasons. – I have …

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