cymbal storage

well, once upon a time, i used to build bikes.
racebikes, to be exact.
last year, i sold my last one. cuz i did not use it ever.
you are right, sad story.

i got a new one. well, a used one. right away. thick tires, lotsa gears.
you know the deal.
and for the first time, i felt not only the need but also the justification to
attach a baggage porter to it.
so useful. yet so unthinkable in a racer.

yes, i am getting to the point in a bit.

i tried several models of baggage porters.
which then left me with un-used ones.

and since storing cymbals is kinda tough, cuz they are not supposed to lie flat,
and are actually not supposed to stand for a long time either,
i came up with this:

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